This damn mental medications

I just can’t quite understand on how they say oh I’ll take this it’s going to help or take this it’s going to help and all I say is yeah sure I’m f****** tired of being a test monkey like seriously isn’t there enough creatures on this planet for you not to have the experiment on human beings at least a human being that actually have feelings try to death row for it for a try I mean they are on death row I just will experiment on them it’s just a thought I really feel that way but what I really am saying is I don’t all the test and trials that they have came up with all treatments and everything and I still can’t get s*** right I took a Seroquel 15 mg I’m still not sleepy I mean I don’t feel depressed or anything but I mean I do feel a little black or whatever you know sums that up is whatever and all caps I don’t know I just really need a little help this whole addiction and this whole mental break through cuz I won’t call it a breakdown because don’t break things down in order to build them up so as I build myself up and lose my f****** mind I shall push forward let’s give it something else a gander

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