I don’t know I just wonder sometimes humans can’t take responsibility for their own actions like ever I am the type of person that if I do something I do it so I should take responsibility but in other people’s mind for some reason when I do something I don’t understand that I’ve been in many situations to where I know for a fact that my reaction to things were right flight don’t think of humble at all right now just think of you doing something because someone did something to you but you didn’t do it in a mean manner or wrong manner or wasn’t you know you wouldn’t loud or ignorant or any of that at the end of the day is still your fault of why they had to do what they done I don’t really think people know what the fucking word accountability mean and to be Christian and adults and whatever cuz most people College of Christians don’t even know the Bible or no God church every Sunday and to me that does not make you a Christian at all cuz the last time I take anything that is not godly any actions that’s not godly any aspect it’s wrong Selena Gomez Francia life is not good is wrong. It is not godly at all in any aspect any aspect of any molecular source of this universe or this world or this reality or whatever you want to call it anything that is not positive or positively put into your life is not godly anything’s any person that comes to you with anything negative is not godly

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